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ShanDong Dongming Petrochemical Group (Dongming Petrochemical) is located in the home of peony and the hometown of Zhuangzi-DongMing County, HeZe city, Shandong Province. Dongming county is the hometown of Chinese painting and calligraphy, traditional opera, watermelon, martial arts and longevity. In 1987, Shandong Dongming Petrochemical Plant was founded, which is the predecessor of Shandong Dongming Petrochemical Group,and the Group was established in 1997.

Comprehensive Strength

Dongming Petrochemical has nearly 6,300 employees, total assets30 billion and the primary processing capacity is 15 million tons per year. It is a large-scale diversified equity petrochemical enterprise group integrating crude oil processing, petrochemical industry, chlor-alkali industry, fine chemical industry, nature gas chemical industry, engineering Technology, real estate, sales terminal of refined oil productInternational finance, international trade, international investment, International logisticsinfrastructure, culture  education and China's largest local private oil refining enterprises. Dongming Petrochemical has been listed inChina’s Top 500 Enterprises in succession since 2007 and ranking year after year. Ranked 2016 in China's top 500 No.7. In 2016, China's basic chemical raw materials manufacturing hundred enterprises, the first, China Petroleum and private chemical hundred, the top second in the world, the world's top 100. In Beijing, Shanghai, Hongkong, Singapore, Ji'nan, Rizhao and other places have offices and international trade company. Subordinate Hengchang Chemical Group Company in 2007 listed on the stock exchange of singapore.

There are many main production plants like atmospheric vacuum, catalytic cracking, gas fractionation, delayed coking, catalytic reforming, benzene extraction, naphtha and diesel and wax oil hydrogenation, hydrogen production, styrene, polypropylene, MTBE, PT, TDM, MEK, ionic membrane caustic soda, synthetic rubber, etc and facilities on thermoelectricity, SWS, sewage treatment, sulfur recovery, dry gas recycling. The main products include gasoline, diesel, LPG, solvent oil, liquid paraffin, polypropylene, high-grade road asphalt, various types of olefins, various types of aromatics, various types of rubber, hydrochloric acid, caustic soda, chlorine, methyl ethyl ketone, TDM, styrene and others. Sales cover Shandong、Shanxi、Henan、Hebei、Sichuan、Chongqing、Hubei、Hunan、Anhui、Jiangsu 、Zhejiang、Fujian、Shanxi and Beijing etc. 

Dongming Petrochemical has imported fuel oil, refined oil wholesale qualification qualification; qualification, the first use of imported crude oil in 2015 in the national private local refineries in non-state trading of crude oil import qualification, has allowed non-state trading of crude oil import volume of 7 million 500 thousand tons per year.

Recently years, Dongming Petrochemical Group tries to achieve “strong enterprise dream”, focuses on building 10 million-ton oil refining bases, actively implements the "leapfrog" development strategy, Nearly a number of large-scale petrochemical projects have been built. The scale of production expands unceasingly and economic benefit is increasing, it has been identified as “important energy resource chemical base" of Shandong Province. Meanwhile, It is listed as Dongming Marine Petrochemical Deep-processing Base by country Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone Development Planning, lt is listed as petrochemical industry base by country Central Plains economic region Development Planning.

Dongming Petrochemical Polypropylene "Hengchang" brand as "famous brand of Shandong province", "Shandong province famous brand products", "good finalists Shandong" 2014 year Shandong Province plastics industry ten new brand; "Lu Chang" brand road asphalt by the State Department of transportation sampling, quality in line with the highway use standard "Hengchang"; card, "Lu Chang" brand, "Lu Chang" brand trademark was named "Shandong famous brand". CCTV, China Internet alliance jointly issued Dongming petrochemical brand. Dongming Petrochemical Group has been awarded the national civilized units, the environmental friendly enterprise, national labor award, “Abide by contract and heavy credit " units, the good faith enterprise, the national advanced unit of enterprise culture construction, enterprise culture China top ten hundred Xiang Guojia, provincial honor. As a member of the 11th and12th National People's Congress, chairman of board of directors Li Xiangping was rated as National Labor Model, National Outstanding Entrepreneur, National Enterprise Outstanding Party Secretary, Shandong Outstanding Communist Party etc.

Industry Plate

Dongming petrochemical has developed six industry plates including petroleum refining, chemical industry, tertiary industry logistics, international business, infrastructure and cultural education, which six plates complement each other, rely on each other, supplement each other.

Plate one: petroleum refining plate

Mainly includes the 12 million tons/year of oil refining capacity in Shandong dongming and the 3 million tons/year oil refining capacity of Xinhai petrochemical in Jiangsu province. The total refining capacity is 15 million tons/year.

Plate two: chemical industry plate

Mainly includes 0.15 million tons / year of ionic membrane caustic soda, 0.05 million tons/year methyl ethyl ketone project, 0.1 million tons/year styrene, 0.12 million tons/year olefin, 0.05 million tons/year butene rubber, 2.4 million tons/year propylene and 0.5 million tons/year MTBE, etc.

Plate three: tertiary industry logistics

Mainly includes Runhua Property , Luban Jian’an, Changshun logistics, Gangwan estate, Gangyun company, The Green Ecological Garden, Rizhao raw material transfer terminal, 3 million moils storage, 10 million tons/year “Rizhao- Dongming” oil pipeline, 5 million tons/year special railway, 1 billion m/year natural gas pipeline, self-own trains, refined product transit store, logistics distribution center, refined oil (gas) retail terminal.

Plate Four: International Business plate

Mainly including Hengfeng Oil Trading Co., Ltd. Hong Kong based international finance, mainly to Singapore Pacific Commercial Holdings Limited international trade, and Shandong Shipping Co., Ltd., a joint venture of Hong Kong gas ship based international logistics, listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange Hengchang Chemical based international capital four international business section of the international company. Led the establishment of the Chinese (independent oil refinery) purchasing alliance and will closely rely on the "The Belt and Road" national strategy, "going out" towards the internationalization of the company.

Plate Five: Infrastructure Plate

Mainly includes two 350,000kw of Huarun thermoelectric project, 30,000kw backpressure units of Qianhai heat power project, 60,000kw pyroelectricity , Xinhai chemical industrial park and thermoelectric center.

Plate six: Culture Education Plate

Including the children, basic education in primary and Middle School of Dongming Petrochemical Group of the experimental school, occupation skill education based Dongming petrochemical university. 

Technical System

Dongming petrochemical takes quality, environmental protection, occupational health and safety, energy of the "four unity" management system as the basic platform, established a complete set of technical research and development, the application system, formed a technological management system with development planning and technology development as the core but has established scientific research and design institutions based on the committee of experts, post-doctoral mobile workstation, provincial technological development center and Beijing economic and technology research institute, design institute. Nearly 100 employees with master's degrees and hundreds of senior and intermediate professionals have become the main innovative body of the enterprise. Meanwhile, Closely around the industrial development direction, to realize the connection of academician in energy conservation and emissions reduction, the industrial circular economy, the high-end petrochemical technology research and development, and vigorously promote technological innovation platform, comprehensively enhance technology innovation power.

In recent years, Dongming petrochemical has cooperated with foreign enterprises, a number of scientific research to fill the domestic gaps. Successful development of olefin oligomerization pilot technology, fill the international gaps, in the international leading level. 

Management Innovation

Dongming Petrochemical based on work idea which strengthening management and reform and innovation combination, insisted on doing work centering on the annual work theme; stuck to the work ideas of gradually improving by centering on the development goals of the term. Since 2002, the company organized many theme activities such as Reform Year, Management Year, Innovation Year, Resource Integration Year, Chemical Transformation Year, Capital Operation Year, Project Construction Year, Stable Operation Year, Foreign Cooperation Year, Progress and Improvement Year and Deepen Basic Management Year, Production Promotion Year , Stable Operation Year , Benefit Promotion Year, Professional management to enhance the year and so on, which have produced remarkable effects.

In 2002, Dongming Petrochemical proposed the first development goals, which is to develop in an extraordinary and leap-forward way and strive to be one of Top 500 Enterprises inChinawithin 3 to 5 years. The myth came true in 2007, which changed the history of Heze City without Top 500 Enterprises inChina. In 2017, the 30 anniversary of the occasion in the construction of Dongming petrochemical enterprises, it puts forward third development goals: to the national industry "strong enterprises dream" to boost the great "Chinese dream", with 3-5 years to build China local refineries "world top 500"!

POS terminal

Recently, Dongming petrochemical vigorously advances the strategy of sales terminals and set up a professional terminal company-- Beijing terminal sales and investment co., LTD of Dongming Petrochemical Group, to refuel, construction, operation and management of gas station industry, in accordance with the principle of development around Heze City, the radiation surrounding the province ", and strive to use 3 - 5 years, taking Heze city as the center, 300 km radius, a total investment of nearly 15 billion yuan, through new construction, purchase, lease and other means, in Shandong, Henan, Jiangsu, Anhui, Hubei, Hebei, Shanxi, Sichuan, Zhejiang, Shanghai ten provinces, more than 1000 gas (gas) station marketing network。  

Enterprise Cooperation

Dongming stone has a good cooperative relationship with Brazil National Petroleum, Saudi Aramco, Norway's national oil and TOTAL, SHELL, BP, GLENCOREVITORIA, CNUOC, UNIPEC, CNOOC and SINOCHEM energy enterprises to establish, expand the procurement of raw materials and oil - selective channels, to ensure the supply of raw materials of Dongming petrochemical energy base.

Dongming petrochemical advocate cooperation development, mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation concept, with the aim to develop first-class energy chemical companies in the world, in the oil refining, chemical new materials, synthetic rubber, synthetic resin, synthetic materials, alkali downstream products, new energy industry, gas stations and retail, technology research and development, the international oil trade, warehousing, logistics, engineering and technical services, etc., to seek extensive cooperation with domestic and overseas strategic investors. At present, Dongming petrochemical has the fruits of cooperation with PetroChina,ChinaResources group, Rizhao port group, South Korea ISU, and other enterprises in long distance crude oil pipeline, warehousing, cogeneration project, fine chemical field of cooperation, realize the industrial cooperation and coordination of business development, positive progress was made in the field of mixed ownership reform.

Cooperation in the field of industry at the same time, Dongming Petrochemical speed up the layout of the investment field, with the domestic well-known enterprises established Shandong Blue oil and gas industry investment fund, life insurance, Hong Kong Pacific gas ship and other enterprises; has inside and outside set up the platform for investment and trade, through investment financed industries, the optimization of industrial investment and capital investment combination, to create the most value for society, shareholders, employees.

Future, Dongming Petrochemical will in “industrial + investment” two-wheeled driven development strategy under the guidance, based global for all kinds of domestic and foreign resources, upgrade in the global oil and gas industry chain, industrial capital investment value discovering ability, promote the whole industry chain, multi state industrial investment cooperation, to further consolidate Dongming Petrochemical advantage in the field of energy industry, Dongming Petrochemical energy industry on other sectors of the investment leading role in synergy.

Social Responsibility

Dongming petrochemical adhere to the people-oriented, and strive to improve staff quality of life, actively undertake social responsibility. It has successively invested over 30 million yuan to build the petrochemical park which is open to the citizens for free, and invested 30 million yuan to construct Dongming Petrochemical—Geosita School for its employees and the surrounding residents; Construction of ecological garden vegetables, provide safe green food, protect employees health; the Group has a high frequency of bus between work and life sites; Living area has a perfect supermarkets, canteens and other supporting facilities. Investment 30 million yuan building conference, entertainment, as one of the Zhuangzi hall, held a meeting for the group, Dongming County, held activities to provide convenience. Planning to invest 20 million yuan to build the worker club; planning investment 5 million yuan to build the stadium, to invest 100 million yuan to build expert technicians villa; Planning to joint with medical institutions established regional high-end professional medical institutions; Planning and construction of high standard college students apartments, providing warm and comfortable living conditions for new employees.

Dongming Petrochemical widely participates in the social causes and seeks for well-being for a wider public. Constantly increase investment in production safety, and realized the safe and smooth operation of the enterprise, drive the development of social undertakings; Dongming Petrochemical has successively engaged over 4,000 graduates of colleges and technical secondary schools and ex-servicemen; Participating in charity activities of Wenchuan Earthquake, social assistance, donation for education, one-day donation and city construction, Dongming Petrochemical has made donations worthy of  over 60 million CNY to the social programs for public good in total. The chairman of the board of directors and President Li Xiangping as the honorary president of Dongming Charity Federation, the cumulative to the charity donated millions of dollars, strong responsibility fully embodies an outstanding communist and contributing to society, the return of social entrepreneurs, therefore won the "Star" of Heze City, the honorary title of charity.

Dongming petrochemical constantly increase investment in safety, environmental protection, quality, realizes security development, green development and sustainable development of the enterprise. 

Corporate Culture

The culture construction of enterprise is the thriving soul of the enterprise. Chairman of the board and President, Mr Li Xiangping said that: "During the future enterprise development, the cultural power will gradually become the core competitiveness of the enterprise. Enterprise in increasing focus on physical form, it also establishes the enterprise culture by our own characteristics."

Dongming Petrochemical has established the enterprise policies of pragmatism, innovation, development and improvement, the enterprise spirits of diligence, unity and dedication, openness and transcendence; and the core value of appreciation, loyalty, dedication and progress with connotation of  appreciating and giving back to the society,  being faithful in conducting oneself and working, contributing intelligence, realizing values, and relentlessly seeking to be and making a bigger and stronger company. Taking Staff Culture Manual and VI Manual as its carriers, a complete corporate culture system, advanced enterprise culture idea, company also strengthens the guide of corporate culture, holds various sports competitions, and staff’s culture life to represent the spiritual outlook and pursuit of Dongming Petrochemical featuring people-oriented approaches, scientific management and diligence, which are the powerful intellectual impetus for the sustainable development of Dongming Petrochemical! 

Scientific Development

Dongming Petrochemical has put forward the guiding ideology of transformative, leap-forward and low-carbon development in Decade Development Planning of 2011-2020 indicating that: "Transforming Development" means A transformation from an oil refining enterprise to a comprehensive modern petrochemical corporation; "Leaping Development" means Dongming petrochemical is ranking in Top 500 Manufacturing of China from the 208th place in 2010  by 2015 and rank among top 100 of the Top 500 Enterprises of China from the 391st place in 2010 by 2020; "Low carbon Development" means through extending industrial chain to increase product additional vale, reduce carbon emission in industrial value added as well as reuse carbon emission.

A future period, Dongming Petrochemical will seize the "Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone Development Plan", "Central Plains Economic Zone Development Plan" of the national strategic development opportunities, with China petroleum, chemistry, South Korea pear Hongkong Huarun and other domestic and international Fortune 500 companies, the advantages of cooperation, continue to strengthen strategic cooperation with large enterprises the domestic and foreign enterprises, the full implementation of "ten year development plan", "Dongming ocean science to build petrochemical processing base". : the planning period, the new investment 75 billion 800 million yuan, the new added value of 126 billion yuan, profits of 19 billion 200 million yuan, the annual sales income of about 10 billion yuan, will become Dongming petrochemical construction of 100 billion yuan of asset size, sales revenue of 100 billion yuan billion enterprise, efforts to achieve the great "strong enterprises dream" and "strong business strategy" "do poineering work the three times" new glory for the early realization of "to enter the world top 500" grand goal, take off and make new and greater contribution to regional economy!


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